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By joining VisitNairn you achieve greater exposure on the web than with any other local web site. now attracts up to 11,000 visitors in the busiest months - and we achieve a top listing in Google for almost any Nairn related search. One local B&B tracked 970 referrals during 2014. We also work closely with the Nairn Tourism Association and the Association of Nairn Businesses.

Category Monthly fees
(for comparison)
Annual fees
Serviced accommodation 1-4 rooms £9 £108
Serviced accommodation 5-9 rooms £12 £144.00
Serviced accommodation 10+ rooms £15.00 £180.00
Self Catering, Holiday Cottages £10.00 £120.00
B&B plus one self-catering unit £13.00 £156.00
Hotel 5-9 rooms plus Restaurant £16.00 £192.00
Hotel 10+ rooms plus Restaurant £20.00 £240.00
Camping, Caravan Parks, Golf, Activity Providers, Attractions £12.00 £144.00
Restaurants, Cafe and Small Retail (new rate) £6.25 £75.00
Other Businesses – > 4 employees £8.00 £96.00
Other Businesses – < 4 employees £12.00 £144.00
Home Page panel advert (200x90 box) £15.00 £180.00
Home Page banner advert (468x60) £20.00 £240.00
Web Cam Page advert for one year £10.00 £120.00
Sponsored page banner advert (468x60) £16.00 £192.00

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